Boulder Muni Airport

Boulder, Colorado, United States

Noise Abatement Information - Last update 11/13/2012



Please help minimize noise over residential and noise-sensitive areas (marked in red on the noise abatement diagram) by using recommended arrival and departure routes (also shown on diagram). Also, please avoid high RPM and loud prop settings when at all possible.

  Mandatory Restrictions

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Simultaneous operations on 8/26 and 8G/26G prohibited due to 220-foot separation. Powered aircraft should yield right-of-way to gliders on approach and landing.

Glider runway (8G/26G) is for tow planes and gliders only unless PPR is obtained from Airport Management in advance.

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Noise Abatement Map


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Preferred arrival routes are from the east or north.

Do not enter the pattern by crossing over mid-field as this is the tow plane and glider arrival route.

Avoid overflying residential areas (see map).


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Runway 8 departures should proceed 1 mile east prior to making turns. Runway 26 departures should turn north as soon as practical to avoid overflying the city.

  Preferential Runways

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Runway 8 is the calm wind runway.

  Pattern Altitudes


Runways: 08 & 26  |  All Aircraft Categories

6300 MSL

  Flight Training

Use caution for congested airspace NE of airport due to multiple flight training schools in area.

Please avoid pattern work at BDU after 5 pm or before 8 am.

  Flight Track Monitoring

  Airport Contact Info

Name: Tim Head, Airport Manager
Phone: 303-441-3108
Web Address:
Noise Complaint Address:
Address: 3327 Airport Rd
Boulder CO 80301

  AOPA Noise Awareness Steps (Not Applicable)

Not applicable.

  NBAA Procedures (Not Applicable)

Not applicable.

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Reverse Thrust (No Restrictions)

No restrictions

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No restrictions

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No restrictions

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No restrictions

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No restrictions

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No restrictions

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Airport Contact

Name: Tim Head, Airport Manager
Phone: 303-441-3108
Address: 3327 Airport Rd
Boulder CO 80301

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Airport Data

Elevation: 5,288 ft
City: Boulder, Colorado, United States
Sectional Chart: Cheyenne
Flight Service: Denver FSS
Wind Indicator: Yes
Fuel: 100LLA