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A Voluntary Restraint From Flying (VRFF) Program (commonly referred to as the “voluntary curfew”) has been adopted requesting that all operators refrain from flying between the hours of midnight and 6:30 a.m. daily. This policy was adopted in order to keep the noise down during these sensitive hours and also to be a good neighbor. The noise abatement office keeps track of all operations that take place during the program hours; subsequently, we contact each operator who flies during the VRFF to remind them about the program and to notify them of any noise complaints they may have caused as a result of their operations.

Operators please note: this is not a mandatory curfew, but a voluntary program. We encourage all operators to cooperate and appreciate your best efforts to participate and comply with this program.

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All Runways  |  Arrival & Departure

Nosie Abatement Procedures


All Runways  |  Arrival & Departure


All Runways  |  All Aircraft Categories  |  Arrival & Departure


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All Runways  |  Aircraft Category HELI  |  Arrival & Departure


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All Runways  |  Arrival & Departure


  Reverse Thrust

Limit the use of reverse thrust at other than idle power and limit the use of reverse thrust to perform early runway turnoff. Full length taxiways are available.

  Pattern Altitudes


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All Runways:
Climb upwind at Vy use a crab angle to maintain the extended centerline of the runway. Climb to 1,100 ft. MSL and initiate turn to crosswind leg. Continue climbing to 1,500 ft. MSL and complete a standard traffic pattern.

Runway 16:
(Left Traffic) – Initiate turn to crosswind over Office Park overfly Fairview Country Club and Tamarack Country Club prior to initiating a turn to the base leg.

Runway 34:
(Right Traffic) – Overfly the Tamarack Country Club from the crosswind to downwind leg.

Runway 29:
(Left Traffic) – Noise sensitive community located approximately 3,000 ft. from the end of Runway 29.

  Intersection Takeoffs

All Runways

Intersection Takeoffs: Intersection takeoffs are
prohibited for large and turbo-jet airplanes.

  Engine Runup

Maintenance Runups: Engine maintenance
runups for airplanes greater than 12,500 lbs. are
restricted to the following hours: DAILY 0900-2100 local time. Further, advance notification of maintenance runups, approval for and a location to conduct the runups must be obtained from Airport

  Flight Track Monitoring

Real time flight tracking is available at:

  Noise Monitoring

An Airport Noise and Operations Monitoring System (ANOMS) is used to collect noise data from 22 remote noise monitoring terminals 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The aircraft and community noise levels are reported and published in the Airport Monitor.

A High Range Noise Event (HRNE) Program is in place to reduce the noise impacts on the communities surrounding the airport. Our ANOMS allows staff to identify any operator who causes a maximum noise level (MNL) noise event of 90.0 decibels (dBA) or higher at any of our remote noise monitor terminals (RMTs). Please note: due to the proximity of RMT’s 2R and 17 near the airport’s perimeter, these monitors are not part of the HRNE program. All operators who cause HRNE’s will be contacted by the Environmental Department and notified in an effort to reduce noise levels. Operators please note: there are no fines, penalties or aircraft restrictions associated with this program; however, we seek your cooperation and best efforts to use quiet flying techniques when operating.

  Prior Permission (PPR) Operations

Advanced Authorization Program: Aircraft over
120,000 lbs. must contact the Airport Operations
department (914-995-4850) prior to landing or
departing at HPN.

  Airport Contact Info

Name: Christopher Quail, Noise Abatement Officer
Phone: 914-995-2647
Noise Hotline: 914-939-8484
Fax: 914-995-3980
Web Address:
Noise Complaint Address:
240 Airport Road
Suite 202
White Plains NY 10604

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Airport Contact

Name: Christopher Quail, Noise Abatement Officer
Phone: 914-995-2647
Noise: 914-939-8484
Fax: 914-995-3980
240 Airport Road
Suite 202
White Plains NY 10604

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Elevation: 439 ft
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